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Wireframe. Support element designed to maintain the shape of the sleeve and ensure the stability of the filtration process. Its quality determines how long filter bags for dust collection of central equipment will last. Offered types: composite and all-welded. The peculiarity of the frame is that it almost does not wear out and only in rare cases requires a complete replacement.

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Diffuser. Air distribution device for industrial filter, guaranteeing high-quality pre-separation.

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Pneumatic distributor. Guide fittings that make up a pneumatic dust collection system, responsible for starting, stopping and changing direction compressed air flows.

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Pneumatic distributor

Isolation valve pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatic control component that provides high speed shut-off valves in the event of an emergency at work.

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Shut-off valve pneumatic cylinder

Replaceable cartridges. Filter elements used in compressed air reduction units. Regular replacement (depending on environmental conditions and type of equipment) guarantees continuous correct operation of the device.

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Replaceable cartridges for compressed air reduction unit

Purge valve DN – 70/50. Detail of a filter unit for controlling the air flow and supplying to the pulse jet bag filter. It can be subjected to pre-installation revision and repair when it is difficult or impossible to stop the filter.

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Purge valve DN – 70/50

The industry-forming enterprise LLC NPP Dneproenergostal has long been one of the market leaders and provides services

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Spring big and small

Large and small membrane. Part of the valve that prevents the formation of deposits on functional parts, thereby increasing their level of reliability.

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Membrane large and small

Valve repair kit. A special set consisting of parts and spare parts for mounting purge valves during local repairs dust removal systems.

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Valve repair kit

Purge valve. The basis of the bag dust collector regeneration system. Its purpose is to remove dust from the outer surface of the filter bag.

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Purge valve

Automatic. Components for automatic control systems for gas cleaning equipment, control and regulation of its parameters (control units, primary and secondary devices). Allows you to do without the participation of personnel in the maintenance of industrial equipment. At the request of the customer, complex automation of the gas cleaning plant is possible.

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Sleeve. The main element of the bag filter, which ensures the reliability of the entire device. An indispensable part of such a high-performance apparatus as industrial cyclone dust collector. It is made from woven and non-woven materials with heat resistance and breathability. It can have any configuration (on request).

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