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Automation for bag filters is a control system for dust and gas cleaning equipment without the intervention of maintenance personnel. This approach allows you to fully automate the processes of gas cleaning and regeneration, thereby reducing the labor costs of employees and increasing the operational reliability of the plant.

The bag filters offered by us are equipped with regeneration systems that ensure timely cleaning of filter bags, restoring their throughput and maintaining performance at an optimal level. To automate this process, we use electronic units (BAUR) developed on the basis of microprocessors. Such devices are easy to set up and operate, since they do not require additional knowledge in the field of programming and electrical engineering from the staff.

BAUR compares favorably with other electronic devices used to automate regeneration (CEP, AUR, SU). It is equipped with 3 working modes when the process is started: 1) internal timer, 2) panel buttons or 3) external command. BAUR does not measure air resistance, which simplifies its operation and increases the reliability of the system. Pressure drops are determined by primary sensor devices. Secondary instruments display values, give trigger signals, and also measure the current of the sensor and notify when it reaches the appropriate level.

Dneproenergostal LLC develops both full-fledged automatic filter control systems and individual elements for parameter control. Get in touch!

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