Pressure chip filter

Pressure chip filter

A pressure chip filter is a type of equipment designed to remove wood waste and dust from working tools. It is also convenient to use when cleaning the room where the woodworking process takes place.

Pressure chip filter device

The device consists of the following elements: a filter sleeve, a reservoir for trapped waste, a fan, a metal base on small wheels and a block for adjusting the operation of the device. All filters have flexible hoses of different sizes, which are used to connect to woodworking systems. A metal handle with a socket can be attached to the hose in order to carry out the process of cleaning the premises.

Filter sleeves range in size from 1m to 1.5m and circle diameters range from 135mm to 450mm. Since these parts have complex specific purposes, their capacity does not exceed 10,000 m3/h.

Residual dust content after passing dust and chips through the sleeves is 10 mg/m3.

How it works

Wood waste is moved into the sleeve from the place of formation thanks to a fan that generates aspiration air. Later, these shavings fall into a container for collecting debris and dust. When the tank is full, the tool cleans it on its own. The motor that drives the device is located near the fan. The chip collection container and the filtered sleeve are placed on an open cylindrical structural element and fixed with a circle of metal spring tape and special snap-in mechanisms. The wheels can turn in different directions and have a reliable locking system – this makes it easy to move the filter to the source of wood chips and fix it in one place.

You can order a pressure chip filter, as well as factory dust extraction systems for the woodworking industry< span style="font-weight: 400;"> at NPP Dneproenergostal LLC at favorable prices. We have our own workshop, where specialists produce filter bags, tanks for the accumulation of wood waste and dust, as well as big bags. All this is made according to your exclusive order, with indication of individual measurements. Here you can order filter bags made of tarpaulin, and filter sleeves made of lavsan or polyester.

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