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Electrofilter is a device designed for deep purification of technological gas and aspiration air streams from solid and liquid particles under the force of an electric field. This is one of the most economical dust removal systems, since it consumes little energy, does not require significant costs for the purchase of spare parts and maintenance.

Electric precipitator device

The design of electrostatic precipitators differs depending on operating conditions, physical and chemical properties of gas and dust, requirements for the quality of the cleaning process, and other factors. The key elements common to different designs are: the housing, gas distribution and supply and removal units, electrodes (corona and precipitation), devices for cleaning the electrodes from trapped dust, insulating boxes, devices for collecting and removing dust outside the apparatus.</ span>

LLC NPP Dneproenergostal offers 3 types of electrostatic precipitators, which differ in design. EHU (horizontal filter) is equipped with one or two sections, has a rectangular shape and consists of two to five consecutive electric fields. KHP ECT (resin tubular filter for coking plants) is characterized by a cylindrical steel body and electrode systems in the form of coaxial cylinders. The EM-PT (Wet Pseudo Tube Filter) has a cylindrical or rectangular steel body and is equipped with pseudo coaxial cylinders. In addition, it is often equipped with cleaning fluid supply manifolds.

How it works

The electrostatic precipitator belongs to the category of high-voltage equipment. The operation of the device is based on the process of gas ionization, when the molecules are split into negatively and positively charged ions, and the electrical charge is imparted to dust particles. Particles are charged in the field of a corona discharge that occurs between high-voltage and grounded electrodes in an electric field.

Such dust collection systems , as a rule, work on the principle: suspended particles are charged, move to the electrodes, are deposited and removed from the surface of the electrodes. As the final stage, the captured dust is removed from the bunker part of the apparatus. This cleaning method is used exclusively for non-explosive gases. The efficiency of the electric cleaning process is 96-99.7% and depends on a number of factors related to the parameters of dust and gas flows and the design features of the filters.

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LLC NPP “Dneproenergostal” is ready to consider any wishes of customers related to the change in the structural elements of the equipment and their use in non-standard technological processes. Upon receipt of the questionnaire, you will be offered the optimal gas cleaning system using this or alternative equipment. When signing a contract for the manufacture of filters, the issues of installation supervision, adjustment and warranty (service) maintenance are considered separately. As examples, some of the filters presented in the catalog are equipped with a pneumatic dust-collapse system, insulating casings, etc. With the specified input parameters of the dust and gas flow, the residual dust content is guaranteed at a level not exceeding 20 mg/m3.

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