Silo/Storage Filters

Silage/bunker filters

Filters purify the air from dust when loading dry substances in pneumatic or mechanical transport into silos – special-shaped metal containers that are used to receive, store and process bulk mixtures: flour, cement , compound feed, sand, gypsum and the like.

Silo filter device

The complete set of a silo/bunker filter assumes the presence of basic elements: housing, compressed air receivers, support, control panel, bunker, cartridges and filter sleeves. The upper compartment of the filter contains a regeneration system. With the help of this mechanism, the filter bags are automatically purged with compressed air. The silo unit is attached through a mating flange that comes with the filter. It also has cartridge cleaning valves and a bin level indicator that displays alarms.

Types of silo filters may differ in filtration systems (bag, cartridge units) and dust removal method (vibration cleaning, pneumatic cleaning).

How it works

The filter is regenerated by shaking the filter bags/cartridges under the influence of compressed air. Upon closer examination, the purification procedure is performed in several stages:

– Polluted air enters the silo.

– Filter bags/cartridges let it through and dust particles remain on the filter surface.

– Clean air enters the appropriate section and is freely sent out of the filter.

Breathability is the main “ability” of filter element designs. To maintain it at a high level, it is necessary to periodically run automatic cleaning and change the cartridges / sleeves of the equipment.

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LLC NPP “Dneproenergostal” is ready to consider any wishes of customers related to the change in the structural elements of the equipment and their use in non-standard technological processes. Upon receipt of the questionnaire, you will be offered the optimal gas cleaning system using this or alternative equipment. When signing a contract for the manufacture of filters, the issues of installation supervision, adjustment and warranty (service) maintenance are considered separately. As examples, some of the filters presented in the catalog are equipped with a pneumatic dust-collapse system, insulating casings, etc. With the specified input parameters of the dust and gas flow, the residual dust content is guaranteed at a level not exceeding 20 mg/m3.

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