Cartridge filter

Cartridge filter

Cartridge filter is equipment designed for air purification in conditions with a high level of input dustiness. Such modern dust collection systems effectively remove fine dust (including solid aerosols ) and smoke generated during welding, plasma, gas and laser cutting, grinding, metalworking, powder coating, production of dry mixes, as well as during backfilling, packaging, transportation of dusty materials. Not applicable for interaction with explosive environments.

Cartridge filter device

The main components of a cartridge filter: a dust collector and filter elements that are vertically arranged so that the trapped dust does not fall again during the self-cleaning process. The cleaning element is usually made of a corrugated material consisting of artificial fibers and cellulose. Due to the fact that it has the appearance of a dense folded accordion, the risk of mechanical damage is sharply reduced. The frame, which acts as the supporting element of the entire device, is responsible for the durability of the product. The frame is made of materials that are characterized by airtightness and heat resistance.


The body of the cartridge filter, in turn, consists of durable galvanized steel, which can withstand severe mechanical stress and harmful environmental conditions. That is why such filtering equipment can be placed outside industrial premises, right on the street, so as not to clutter up the functional areas.

How it works

Air masses to be cleaned enter the filter through the inlet pipe, after which they are sent to the pre-separation chamber. When colliding with the impact plate, medium and coarse dust is removed from the air stream, which settles in the bunker. This helps to reduce the load on the filtering elements and prevents device malfunctions. Partially purified air is distributed between the filter elements in the dirty gas chamber. Further, the air that has undergone complete cleaning enters the clean chamber, after which it goes back to the workshop (or the environment) through the outlet pipe.

The peculiarity of the cartridge filter is that regeneration occurs by pulsed blowing of compressed air, when dust is shaken off the cartridges, falling into the bunker part and subsequently being removed from it.

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