New developments

New developments

The dry cleaning system for blast furnace (blast furnace) gases is an innovative development of Dneproenergostal for the needs of ferrous metallurgy enterprises. To remove dust generated during the operation of blast furnaces, a modern bag filter with pulsed regeneration is used. This provides the most efficient industrial dust removal for blast furnace production, which helps to achieve optimal environmental and economic indicators at the level of an individual metallurgical enterprise.

Dry cleaning system for blast-furnace gas

The system consists of 8 parts: a flue, a combustion candle, a cooler, a bag filter, a device for unloading the trapped dust and its transportation, throttle valves, candles for purging the gas pipeline, a hopper for collecting dust particles .

The flue performs the function of connecting the intercone space of the blast furnace with the pure gas collector. The blast-furnace gas cooler plays an important role in the gas path by reducing the gas temperature to an acceptable level for operation. It includes a gas duct (1400 mm), a cabinet with solenoid valves, a piping system and 18 two-channel nozzles arranged in 6 rows and combined with distribution manifolds.

Distinctive features of FRIR developed by Dneproenergostal organization: temperature corrector (in the range of 100-180°C ); separately located filter sections; high-speed valves designed for pulsed regeneration of sleeves; application of compressed nitrogen for this regeneration.

How it works

Draft in the treatment system is provided by the pressure difference between the general plant collector (1.2 atm) and the blast furnace (3.0 atm). This eliminates the need to use auxiliary devices: power equipment and draft machines for the forced movement of flue gases. This is the essence of the operation of the installation: the pressure difference is the driving force behind the process of passage of the top gas through the filter elements that the bag filter is equipped with.

The dry method of gas cleaning does not have the serious disadvantages that are inherent in the “wet” method, when water irrigation is used for filtration. The use of an innovative dust removal system allows enterprises to achieve two important goals at once: to save energy potential for further use as a fuel and minimize the negative impact of technological processes on the environment. The operation of FRIR can be useful both for ferrous metallurgy enterprises and for other industrial facilities characterized by a high degree of dustiness of the production environment.



– Iron production. Iron foundries, foundry-mechanical hardware, ore repair, machine-tool plants, machine-building and foundry-machine-building enterprises, pipeline fittings plants.

– Steel production. Steel mills, metallurgical plants, industrial and metallurgical holdings.

– Coke production. Coke and coke gas plants, mining and metallurgical companies, research and production enterprises.

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System Benefits

– Does not require the use of water in the gas cleaning process, thereby reducing the cost of building water facilities for a blast furnace.

– Characterized by 50-70% higher gas temperature compared to “wet” cleaning and 50-60% g/m3 lower gas humidity, which makes it possible to increase the heating temperature hot blast in air heaters.

– Reduces dust concentration (up to 2-4 mg/m3), which significantly increases the service life of air heaters.

– Demonstrates a high degree of gas purification and eliminates the need for sludge management, which positively affects the environmental situation at the enterprise.

Features of cooperation with the company

LLC NPP “Dneproenergostal” is ready to consider any wishes of customers related to the change in the structural elements of the equipment and their use in non-standard technological processes. Upon receipt of the questionnaire, you will be offered the optimal gas cleaning system using this or alternative equipment. When signing a contract for the manufacture of filters, the issues of installation supervision, adjustment and warranty (service) maintenance are considered separately. As examples, some of the filters presented in the catalog are equipped with a pneumatic dust-collapse system, insulating casings, etc. With the specified input parameters of the dust and gas flow, the residual dust content is guaranteed at a level not exceeding 20 mg/m3.

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