Bag filters with pulsed generation (FRIR)

Sleeve filters with impulse regeneration

Modern production is impossible without the release of harmful substances and industrial dust particles into the air. One of the most common ways to clean the atmosphere from their effects is the use of filtration equipment. The Dneproenergostal enterprise produces bag filters with impulse regeneration (FRIR), which help to get rid of fine dust and other hazardous substances in the air.

Sleeve filter device with pulsed regeneration

FRIR consists of a metal hull, mechanical equipment and a hopper. The first has a rectangular or round shape. It has 2 compartments for dirty and clean gas. They are separated by sleeve boards that contain openings for filter sleeves. The latter are located in the dirty gas chamber, which has no partitions. The top compartment of the clean gas area is equipped with detachable lids, which are useful when performing service. It consists of vertically arranged partitions. Their number corresponds to the number of shut-off valves. The lower section of the equipment housing accommodates slotted or cone-shaped hoppers.

Flanges are placed at their end, which will be needed to attach sluice feeders or screw conveyors.

Filter bags are the main elements of the device that must be replaced in case of wear. They are made from different types of fabrics: artificial, natural or fiberglass. The design of this equipment also includes sleeve boards, dust removal devices, sleeve regeneration system, control cabinet and other necessary elements. The built-in system of the machine starts the cleaning process automatically.

How it works

The specialists of the enterprise are constantly working to improve the efficiency and reliability of bag filters with pulsed regeneration, improving their design, modernizing individual elements, using new filter materials with high
high dust-collecting capacity, resistant to elevated temperatures and aggressive environments. The proposed gas purification devices are not inferior to foreign analogues, and in some characteristics they surpass them.

The filters of NPP Dneproenergostal LLC are equipped with a highly efficient and reliable compressed air regeneration system using fast-acting purge valves. The operation of the plant is fully automated.

The instrumentation and control system provides measurement of all necessary technological parameters and automatic control of such systems as regeneration, dust discharge, temperature reduction at the outlet to the filter, etc. To perform the algorithm of the regeneration system, our company uses various electronic devices. Depending on the wishes of the customer,
these can be: SIMATIC controllers from SIEMENS, Zelio Logic logic modules.


FRIR filter design

Basic workBag filters is the execution of cyclic processes. Dust-laden air enters the inlet valve through the pores of the filter material. Then it enters the compartment with dirty gas, in contact with fabric sleeves. The treated air enters the clean gas section and is soon removed from the apparatus. Fine dust particles accumulate on the filter material, reducing its performance. In this case, the regeneration of the apparatus is carried out by supplying a stream of compressed air at specified periods of time. The fabric sleeves are blown in the opposite direction from the dusty air flow, and as a result, the filter is cleaned. At the end of the process, uncleaned particles settle in the storage hoppers of the bag filter and pass through the dust removal device .

Contaminated air can also be released through a custom-made pneumatic transport system, or with the help of flashing lights, sluice gates.

Bag filters differ in the following characteristics: regeneration method, filtration mode, number of compartments, filter elements. Different types of FRIR manufactured by the company have: low efficiency up to 30000 m /h with purge valves DN 50 mm; medium or large – from 30000 m3/h with a model of DN 70 mm. The performance of the devices is affected by the degree of dust grinding and the ability of the hydraulic resistance of the equipment.

For optimal functioning of the filter regeneration system, the compressed air pressure should be 0.4-0.5 MPa, it also needs to be cleaned and dried at least class 10 according to the standards. The company’s catalog contains standard indicators for manufactured models:

  • dust content of gases at the inlet — up to 20 g/m3< /span>;
  • gas load – up to 1.5 m3</span >/(m2min);
  • temperature – up to 135°C.

If the actual conditions of using the device do not correspond to the specified values, then you need to consult with experts before ordering. Dneproenergostal scientists will produce bag filters or change the necessary equipment components according to the wishes clients. Leave a request for a consultation and the company’s employees will select a filter for your production!


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Peculiarities of operation of FRIR filters

Technical requirements for the design of the filter housing are determined by the working documentation for the construction of the dust collection plant. At the same time, at the design stage, it is mandatory to carry out verification calculations of the strength of the housing, taking into account the conduct of the filtration process and climatological, seismic loads in the area of ​​installation construction and the corresponding adjustment of the documentation for the manufacture of the housing and filter shelter (“tent”).

Equipment package

The mechanical equipment of the filter includes:

  • Hose regeneration system (compressed air accumulators),
  • Purge valves and distribution manifolds,
  • Sleeve boards,
  • Filter bags
  • Wire frames,
  • Isolation valves,
  • Compressed air reduction unit,
  • Dust extractors,
  • Filter regeneration control cabinet

Equipment package

The mechanical equipment of the filter includes:

  • Hose regeneration system (compressed air accumulators),
  • Purge valves and distribution manifolds,
  • Sleeve boards,
  • Filter bags
  • Wire frames,
  • Isolation valves,
  • Compressed air reduction unit,
  • Dust extractors,
  • Filter regeneration control cabinet

Technical characteristics of FRIR filters

FRIR filters with a capacity of up to 30,000 m3/h are equipped with a regeneration system with purge valves DN 50 mm, medium and high capacity (more than 30,000 m3/h), valves DN 70 mm. The sleeves are regenerated automatically upon reaching the preset value of the filter hydraulic resistance. It is possible to regenerate in a cyclic mode – at predetermined intervals. When shut-off valves are installed on the clean side of the filter, the automatic control system provides for sleeve regeneration modes with or without cutting off the clean gas flow, depending on the properties of the captured dust.

As a filter cloth, a cloth with different physical properties of domestic and foreign manufacturers can be used. Its choice is due to the characteristics of the dust-gas flow, and in the first place
turn temperature controlled filtration process.

The required compressed air pressure for the operation of the regeneration system in the dust collection plant is 0.4-0.5 MPa. Compressed air must be dried and cleaned at least class 9 according to GOST 17433-80. For explosion-proof filters, regeneration is carried out with inert gases. The size of the filter, the type of fabric, its configuration, equipment and climatic design are determined during the development of the working documentation of the gas cleaning plant, only on the basis of the customer’s questionnaire containing complete information about the parameters of the dust and gas flow and the properties of dust, etc.

The catalog contains the basic technical characteristics of the equipment, given for the input dust content of gases not more than 10 g/m3, the temperature of the gases to be cleaned is not higher than 260 C.
per fabric for these conditions no more than 1.5 m3 / m2 min. In the event that the actual operating conditions of the equipment deviate from those indicated, it is necessary to coordinate the installation of one or another filter size with the manufacturer.


Features of cooperation with the company

LLC NPP “Dneproenergostal” is ready to consider any wishes of customers related to the change in the structural elements of the equipment and their use in non-standard technological processes. Upon receipt of the questionnaire, you will be offered the optimal gas cleaning system using this or alternative equipment. When signing a contract for the manufacture of filters, the issues of installation supervision, adjustment and warranty (service) maintenance are considered separately. As examples, some of the filters presented in the catalog are equipped with a pneumatic dust-collapse system, insulating casings, etc. With the specified input parameters of the dust and gas flow, the residual dust content is guaranteed at a level not exceeding 20 mg/m3.

Filter symbol:

FRIR – bag filter with pulsed regeneration; the numbers after the letters indicate the filtration area (m2). To order FRIR equipment from NPP Dneproenergostal LLC, you can contact our managers or send a questionnaire online. Our experts will conduct all the necessary consultations and recommend the most suitable models for your business.

Equipment catalog

  • FRIR-6
  • FRIR-17
  • FRIR-36С
  • FRIR-54
  • FRIR-70
  • FRIR-90
  • FRIR-110
  • FRIR-110С
  • FRIR-160
  • FRIR-250
  • FRIR-340
  • FRIR-400
  • FRIR-500
  • FRIR-650
  • FRIR-800
  • FRIR-1000
  • FRIR-1200
  • FRIR-1800
  • FRIR-2200
  • FRIR-2700
  • FRIR-3850
  • FRIR-5000
  • FRIR-7700
  • FRIR-9000
  • FRIR-12000

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The industry-forming enterprise LLC NPP Dneproenergostal has long been one of the market leaders and provides environmental services for Ukraine and the CIS countries. The enterprise has existed for more than 50 years and during this time has accumulated a unique experience in solving the problems of environmental protection that modern society poses.

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New developments

NPP Dneproenergostal LLC has developed a personal gas purification system, which is emitted by blast furnaces at metallurgical enterprises. The principle of operation is the passage of gas through the filtering part of the bag filter under the influence of a pressure difference. This innovation is applied at enterprises that use blast furnaces of various capacities.

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