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Waste water analysis

Laboratory analysis of water

  1. What is laboratory water analysis?

The laboratory of NPP Dneproenergostal is certified for a full range of water tests. The objects of study can be wastewater from industrial enterprises, groundwater at monitoring sites and storm water from waste storage sites, production sites, motor transport enterprises, etc.

Water analysis for most ingredients (cations and anions) is performed by spectrometry on modern equipment. Heavy metals, alkali and alkaline earth metal salts, water hardness (salinity), as well as COD and BOD and petroleum products are determined. The list of analytes satisfies the most popular types of water analysis.

In addition, the laboratory performs water toxicity tests. This concept is usually understood as the procedure for establishing the toxicity of the environment with the help of test objects that signal danger, regardless of which substances and in what combination cause changes in vital functions in test objects. Due to its simplicity, speed and availability, this service has gained wide recognition worldwide and is increasingly being used along with analytical chemistry methods.

Laboratory water analysis as a method for assessing the toxicity of the aquatic environment is used:

  • when conducting a toxicological assessment of industrial, domestic waste, agricultural, drainage, polluted natural and other waters in order to identify potential sources of pollution,
  • in the control of emergency discharges of highly toxic wastewater,
  • when assessing the degree of wastewater toxicity at different stages of formation when designing local treatment facilities,
  • when conducting an environmental review of new materials, treatment technologies, treatment plant projects, etc.

The advantage of our equipment

  • Use of modern equipment
  • An integrated approach to performing analyzes
  • Speed and high quality
  • Sampling services

What services do we offer.

  • Sampling at monitoring sites, packaging and transporting them accordingly, ensuring storage if necessary;
  • Performing a detailed analysis of water samples according to the required list of chemicals, determination of COD and BOD, petroleum products, etc.
  • Working with wastewater from industrial enterprises, storm drains, groundwater and water from natural objects;
  • Determination of the toxicity level of samples from water bodies.

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