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Mining industry

The mining industry does not usually pose significant problems in terms of cleaning the dusty air generated. Most technological processes, starting with the extraction of raw materials in mines or quarries and ending with the shipment of finished concentrates to the consumer, are associated with mechanical impact on the rock. With this kind of exposure, fairly large dust is formed, which is not difficult to catch. The main issues that should be paid attention to when developing aspiration systems in the mining industry are the correct calculation of the completeness of the dust-laden air taken from the process unit, the selection of the aspiration speed mode to eliminate abrasive wear and ensuring the explosion protection of equipment in the case of coal mining and beneficiation.

The advantage of our equipment

  • High dust collection efficiency
  • Use of inexpensive filter materials
  • Abrasion resistant equipment
  • Explosion-proof equipment for extraction and processing of solid fuels

Our offers for mining enterprises.

  • Design and supply of gas treatment plants for drying drums and rotary kilns for mineral raw materials.
  • Aspiration systems of equipment associated with grinding and classification of material – crushers, mills, separators, screens;
  • Point filters for aspiration of local places of dust – transfer units on conveyors, receiving bins for bulk materials, loading funnels, etc.
  • Reconstruction of outdated and ineffective dust collection systems based on cyclones or filters with backflushing into modern installations – bag filters with pulse regeneration.

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