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Replaceable cartridges for compressed air reduction unit

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Cartridges are important components dust collection systems, designed to extract the smallest solid particles from the air, which regulate pneumatic devices.

The assembly is a process unit consisting of filters and valve assemblies. It decomposes the main pneumatic battery into parts: clean dry air, oil, condensate, solid particles: dust, metal shavings, sand. The components are captured by their own adsorbers, but to improve the result, common filters are used in front of the valves. Extra components are absorbed here.

These devices are consumablesdust removal systems with a service life for a specified period of time or until complete wear and tear, which occurs much more often. Catchers are installed inside the body of the device. Cartridges are manufactured by a multilayer construction of small cells. The result of the passage of air through the filter element is the retention of most of the solid microparticles by the fibrous mesh of the material, which leads to a relatively complete cleaning.

Our cartridges are designed for industrial types of equipment and are distinguished by their ability to capture particles of various sizes and design features. The company “Dneproenergostal” is engaged in the design and production of these components.

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