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Woodworking industry

Industrial wood processing is quite developed and is represented by a whole range of diverse enterprises, starting with a manufacturer of lumber (boards, timber, etc.) and ending with furniture manufacturers. They have common features in terms of the formation and release of wood dust into the atmosphere. This is, first of all, a variety of sources with their small volumes of emissions and, in addition, the very specificity of the dust, which is very coarse and flammable. In this case, as a rule, dusty air is emitted into the workshop premises and aspiration systems are needed to prevent dust in the workplace.

Our design department develops filtration equipment for wood processing companies, taking into account individual requirements and focusing on simplifying the design of filters, minimizing their metal consumption and taking into account individual customer requirements.

The advantage of our equipment

  • Simplicity of design
  • Individual approach
  • Equipment efficiency
  • High efficiency

What services and equipment do we offer to businesses?

  • Development and implementation of both individual and prefabricated aspiration installations for woodworking equipment.;
  • Implementation of a project for sites for the production of pellets from wood waste and dust with the possible installation of boiler equipment for their combustion.
  • Design of wood processing enterprises, both in general and individual workshops or areas.;

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