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Water engineering

At present, the issue of providing the population with quality drinking water is more important than ever. This is especially true for territories liberated from occupation, where it is necessary to almost completely restore most engineering networks, including water supply and sewerage lines. We are ready to design new utility networks, water treatment and treatment stations, artesian wells and water towers. We also offer industrial enterprises the design of water facilities for technological purposes – cooling pools, sludge reservoirs, drainage and hydraulic structures.

We are also ready to carry out projects for the restoration of existing destroyed water pipelines and sewer networks. At the same time, we take into account the changed conditions of water consumption and the updated needs of the population and industrial enterprises.

The advantage of our equipment

  • Individual approach to the customer
  • Maximum cost-effective solutions
  • Use of modern equipment
  • Focus on the needs of the end consumer

What services do we offer.

  • Pre-design studies of water supply and sanitation, budget preparation for obtaining grants and government funding.;
  • Development of working documentation for the construction of water facilities – pressure water pipelines and sewer networks, water treatment stations, water towers, etc..
  • Implementation of new projects and restoration of existing irrigation networks for agricultural lands;
  • Implementation of projects to eliminate flooding in residential areas and industrial sites.
  • Implementation of projects for a network of observation wells for monitoring underground groundwater.
  • Design of sludge reservoirs, settling tanks and other hydraulic structures of industrial enterprises.

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