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A diffuser is an integral part of technical industrial devices that move gases/liquids, including water, gas, oil and air pipeline systems, aerodynamic installations. In the design of the factory dust extraction system it takes on the function of pre-separation. It is often used in ventilation and air conditioning to protect air ducts from the accumulation of contaminants such as trapped dust and small debris.

A diffuser is a structural assembly usually installed at the inlet/outlet of filtering equipment. It provides a uniform intake of air flows, reducing their speed, and further distribution in space upon removal. This creates optimal conditions for the operation of filters, including in industrial areas with high dust content.

Dneproenergostal has established itself as a reliable company for more than 50 years on the marketmanufacturer high-quality cleaning equipment and accessories for it: sleeves, frames, filter bags, valves, diffusers, confusers, etc. You can order spare parts and parts from us both in a set and separately.

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