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The principle of working with the industry

Dneproenergostal works closely with domestic farmers and food industry enterprises, offering them modern solutions for aspiration systems and wastewater treatment plants. Understanding the specifics of the agricultural sector, we offer them individual solutions that allow them to obtain more environmentally friendly products that are in high demand in the food market.

The work of the agro-industrial complex is regulated by many regulatory documents on ecology and sanitation, since the products of this industry are food consumed by the population. Also, this industry has its own specifics in the field of ecology, as it includes a wide variety of technological processes and industries that affect the environment. Starting with harvesting and storing crops and ending with the production of oil, beer, animal feed, livestock products. We consider all the problems that farmers and food workers come to us with individually and try to offer the best solutions, both in terms of minimizing the impact on the environment and in terms of increasing the environmental friendliness of the products obtained.

Our advantages

  • Individual approach
  • Accounting for the specifics of work
  • Emphasis on 100% use of secondary resources
  • A special approach to waste disposal

What services do we offer to enterprises of the agro-industrial sector.

  • Design, construction and commissioning of steam and hot water boilers operating on secondary vegetable fuels (straw pellets, husks, sawdust, etc.), equipped with modern two-stage boiler flue gas cleaning systems;
  • Supply of filtering equipment for various aspiration systems, from grain harvesting and storage to the processing of agricultural products into food products (aspiration for elevators, bunkers , storages, mills, filling and packaging lines, etc.);
  • Designing and putting into operation individual biological treatment facilities for the neutralization of liquid effluents from farms, poultry houses, individual farms and other enterprises of the agro-food industry;
  • Irrigation system design;
  • Environmental audit of food and agricultural enterprises, identification of harmful effects on the environment, drawing up measures to eliminate them and improve the environmental friendliness of enterprises and their products.

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