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The set of spare parts required for mounting the devices of the regeneration system constitutes a valve repair kit. The purge valve is an important part of the filtering plant used for industrial purposes, since it performs the function of removing dust contaminants from the outer surface of the bag. It should be carefully monitored by regularly performing technical inspection and scheduled maintenance of regeneration systems. If even insignificant, at first glance, malfunctions are detected, it is recommended not to hesitate, but to take measures for installation / dismantling.

This kit includes spare parts and parts that are characterized by a high level of wear and require regular replacement, including o-rings, a membrane, a spring. We offer sets of different sizes and configurations necessary for fast and high-quality installation dust collection systems .

You can make a special order at Dneproenergostal to get repair kits made in accordance with the individual requirements of the enterprise (temperature conditions of operation, the specifics of the industrial process, etc.).

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