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The spring is one of the parts of the valve that ensures its timely closure and snug fit to the surface. It is the valve spring that ensures that the valve is securely held in the closed position throughout the entire suction process. This reduces the risk of failures in the operation of the equipment, namely, it prevents a break in the connection between the transmission parts and the valve mechanism itself.

The spring belongs to the group of consumable items that wear quickly: its elasticity decreases over time and the risk of breakage increases significantly. It is recommended to change this part every few years, otherwise problems with the regeneration system cannot be avoided. Replacing the spring with a new one increases the accuracy of setting dust and gas cleaning devices, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the performance level dust collection systems.

The Dneproenergostal team not only independently designs and develops components for industrial filters, but also promptly delivers them to industrial facilities. You only need to decide on the type and technical characteristics of consumables – we take care of the rest.

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