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The membrane is one of the main parts of the purge valve, which, in turn, is the basis of the bag filter regeneration system. The design of the valve includes diaphragms of different sizes – large and small. These elements belong to the category of quickly worn out – over time, they lose their elasticity and gradually fail. In addition, they are prone to breakouts, and therefore require regular technical inspection for damage and scheduled replacement. After replacing the membrane, the level of sensitivity increases noticeably, which positively affects the stability of the valve and, consequently, the efficiency of the entire dust removal system.

We offer purge valves of two modifications: in the first case, the design includes two membranes, in the second, a pneumatic cylinder is used as a small one. We meet the needs of our customers by manufacturing components with various characteristics – from design and dimensions to operating parameters determined by the type of filter for which they are intended. You can purchase parts from us that most fully meet the specifics of your activity and the operating conditions of dust and gas cleaning equipment.

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