In this industry, our services and equipment are offered for power units and boiler units operating on solid fuels. It is during its combustion that a large amount of dust-laden flue gases is formed. They contain particles of ash and unburned fuel, as well as sulfur oxides. In addition, high humidity and temperature create additional difficulties when cleaning boiler gases.

The set of technical solutions developed by our company for filtering equipment allows us to overcome all difficulties and ensure high efficiency of flue gas purification to the level required by the most stringent European standards – 10 mg/m3 for dust.

The advantage of our equipment

  • Maximum gas purification efficiency - more than 99.7%
  • Stable operation at elevated temperatures and in aggressive environments
  • Latest filter media with dust holding capacity
  • Compliance with national and international standards

What services and equipment do we offer for the energy sector?

  • Design, manufacture and commissioning of gas purification plants for flue gases of thermal power plants. At the request of the customer, gas purification can include two stages – for cleaning from dust and for removing gaseous sulfur oxides;
  • Equipment with gas cleaning installations for steam and hot water boilers of various capacities operating on solid fuels (coal briquettes, fuel pellets, husks, wood chips, agricultural waste, etc. .);
  • Introduction of aspiration installations for the coal preparation system of thermal power plants – conveyors, mills, bunkers, transfer units, etc. In this case, we offer filtering equipment in explosive and fire-proof design;
  • Development and implementation of gas purification plants for waste gases of boiler units in which municipal solid waste is burned;

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