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The purge valve is the device that holds the entire filter regeneration system. The valve belongs to the category of special pipeline valves of shut-off and control type. Its principle of operation is reduced to a pulsed supply of compressed air, which, passing through the air distribution pipeline, enters the filter bags and removes dust particles from their outer part. This contributes not only to maintaining the performance of the sleeves, but also to increasing the service life of the entire factory dust removal system.

The peculiarity of this type of valve is that it can be serviced and repaired at any time, even when the filter is running. This avoids equipment downtime and reduces the time and labor costs of personnel. The pneumatic distributor (located at the top of the valve) is responsible for controlling the operation of the valves themselves, namely, starting, stopping, redirecting air flows. The signal is transmitted from the automatic control unit for regeneration processes.

Dneproenergostal LLC offers two types of purge valves – DU50 and DU70. Components may differ in design: have both two membranes (large and small), or one large membrane and a pneumatic cylinder as a replacement for the small membrane. You can order any modification of spare parts and parts for the aspiration system from us in accordance with the type of treatment equipment and the conditions of its operation at the industrial facility.

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