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Frame is a support element of a bag filter installed inside the bag. It plays an important role in the design of the factory dust removal system, maintaining the correct shape of the sleeve. This not only reduces the risk of mechanical damage, but also contributes to optimal load distribution. In addition, it prevents the filter element from collapsing, thereby ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the cleaning process.

Not all types of filters are equipped with a frame, but only those that work under vacuum. Our FRIR equipment has a frame of a special design, which allows installation and replacement of spare parts quickly and with minimal effort. Due to the fact that the support element has a low level of wear, it may only be necessary to replace it if it has suffered serious mechanical damage during repair work.

We independently produce composite and all-welded wire frames (wire D = 4 mm), carry out painting, choosing a coating depending on the operating temperature of the equipment, and also pack and deliver to the industrial facility.

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