Any metallurgical enterprise, especially metallurgical plants with a full cycle, combines a whole array of various technologies associated with the processing and preparation of raw materials (drying, grinding, averaging, agglomeration, etc.), smelting a liquid product (blast smelting, electric arc furnaces, installations ladle furnace, converter, etc.) and production of finished products (metal rolling, annealing, stripping, etc.) In addition, metallurgy includes a number of auxiliary industries – refractory, coke, electrode, for which we also offer a range of activities to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Taking into account our technical capabilities and vast experience, it is quite possible to make any metallurgical production relatively environmentally friendly.

The advantage of our equipment

  • Heavy Duty Filtration Equipment
  • Capture and treatment of fugitive emissions
  • Cleaning from dust and sulfur oxides
  • Individual equipment for each metallurgical process

Our offers for metallurgical enterprises.

  • Introduction of a unique two-stage system for purifying waste process gases of sintering and roasting machines;
  • Integrated systems for collecting and purifying gases from electric arc furnaces and ladle furnace installations;
  • Collection and purification of fugitive emissions from metallurgical units (converters, mixers, desulfurization units, etc.)
  • Introduction of aspiration systems for areas of preparation and supply of bulk charge and additional materials;
  • Removal and purification of gases from other steelmaking units – resistance furnaces, induction and reverberatory furnaces, etc.

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