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A pneumatic distributor is a control element of a pneumatic dust removal systems, which performs the supply and removal of compressed air (gas) and change its direction. Its function is reduced to the regulation of flows, and it itself plays the role of an intermediary between the main mechanism (source) and the executive, for example, a pneumatic drive.

Air valve belongs to the guide valve category. Its launch is carried out using signals – electromagnetic, mechanical or pneumatic. There are also devices that combine several types of control, and in some it is possible by manual method.

For more than 50 years, Dneproenergostal has been producing various types of gas and dust cleaning equipment, including pocket filters , and accessories for them. The list of spare parts produced by us also includes such locking and regulating elements as valves and pneumatic distributors. In the process of their design and manufacture, we focus both on generally accepted norms and standards (state and international), and on the requirements established by a separate enterprise. We guarantee an individual approach and 100% product quality.

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