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A pneumatic cylinder is a control element for shut-off valves installed on pneumatic pipelines dust removal systems. The shut-off valve is a quick-acting shut-off type valve. In dust and gas cleaning equipment, it performs an important function, namely, it regulates the throughput of pipes, opening / blocking access to compressed air in them. Using it, operators can urgently mechanically shut down the pipeline system in case of accidents at an industrial facility, or temporarily suspend it in accordance with production requirements.

The cutter is controlled by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder that transmits the working force linearly and in both directions. As a rule, the cylinder body is made of brass, which ensures its high strength and reliability.

Dneproenergostal manufactures both filters and components for them, including control components for pneumatic aspiration systems. If you need advice on the selection of spare parts and parts for equipment, we will provide it at any time convenient for you.

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