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The sleeve is the main element dust collection systems sleeve type, designed to remove dust and small abrasive particles in industrial premises. It is the quality of the filter sleeve that determines the efficiency of air purification from contaminants and the reliability of the operation of the aspiration system. And since this element wears out quickly, it should be changed periodically.

The sleeve is made from woven and non-woven filter materials that pass strict input control. As a result, the highest quality materials are selected without defects, which are airtight and able to withstand high temperatures. The sewing process is carried out using advanced technology, the material is fixed with a 3-line seam, which guarantees 100% strength.

Products differ in design and material depending on the type of filters. For pressure cylinders, cylinders made of lavsan with built-in metal rings are used. For equipment operating under vacuum, cylinders are used, consisting of a high-density material and equipped with an open and closed part.

We produce components with a diameter of 120-300 mm and a length of 2 to 9 m. Sleeves made of standard materials can withstand temperatures in the range of 150-270°, and tailor-made up to 300-400°. You can order components of any configuration from us, based on operating conditions. Get in touch!

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