Purge valve DN – 70/50

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The purge valve is the main part of the regeneration system, which performs the function of cleaning the filter bags throughout the entire process of the filter bag. Removal of layers of dust from the outer surface of the sleeves occurs as a result of exposure to compressed air. Thus, the throughput of the material is restored and the stability of dust collection systems is maintained. In addition, the technical and operational features of the valve allow for inspection and installation without turning off the filters. This prevents equipment downtime and increases the productivity of maintenance personnel.

Dneproenergostal LLC designs and develops valves of two standard sizes — DN70 and DN50, which differ in nominal bore diameter: for the first it reaches 70 mm, and for the second, respectively, 50 mm . At the same time, they are similar in the following technical parameters: working pressure (0.45-0.55 MPa), duration of full opening (maximum 10 ms) and duty cycle (maximum 100-200 ms).

The valves offered by us can be presented in different modifications: 1) with two membranes 2) with a pneumatic cylinder instead of a small one. You can choose any design and technical characteristics of components – we will take into account all your wishes.

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