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In this regard, LLC “Dniproenergostal” NVP cooperates fruitfully with European manufacturers of hydrogen generation equipment and is the main developer of a pilot project for the installation of a hydrogen production and distribution facility at “Poltava GZK” PJSC in Horyshny Plavni, Ukraine.

This project is implemented to use hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas as a green energy source (without harmful emissions into the atmosphere), namely to replace the natural gas consumed by the first burning machine for the production of iron ore pellets in the production workshop pellets (CVO), in the proportion of 5% hydrogen to 95% natural gas.

The process of obtaining hydrogen by electrolysis of water takes place under the action of a constant electric current on an electrolyte consisting of a 25% solution of KOH in demineralized water.

Demineralized water is a raw material for obtaining hydrogen during water electrolysis. To ensure the technological requirements for water quality, the design solutions provide for a water treatment system. River water enters the water treatment system and successively undergoes two-stage purification.

At the same time, water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen with the release of (-) hydrogen at the cathode and (+) oxygen at the anode:

Н2О = Н2 + 0.5O2

Oxygen is a side gas in the production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water and is released into the atmosphere.

The design capacity of the pilot plant for the production and distribution of hydrogen by the method of water electrolysis is 707.7 nm3/h. H purity2 at the outlet >99.99%

The project envisages the construction of a building for the installation of a facility for the production and distribution of hydrogen by the electrolysis of water. The building includes:

  • electrolyzer room, in which the main technological process is carried out – electrolysis of water;
  • hydrogen compressor with hydrogen purification and drying equipment;
  • compressed air compressor;
  • water treatment room;
  • electrical room;
  • room for rectifiers (for converting alternating current to direct current);
  • transformer substation;
  • circular water supply system;
  • nitrogen supply system.

The following resources are required for the operation of the hydrogen production and distribution facility:

  • electricity with a voltage of 6 kV and 0.4 kV;
  • compressed air is dried;
  • nitrogen;
  • drinking water;
  • technical water;
  • Potassium hydroxide (for electrolyte production).

The result of the introduction and start-up of the hydrogen plant at Poltava GZK PJSC is a reduction in CO emissions2 and reducing dependence on natural gas.

Thus, our company makes a significant impact on the energy, industrial and hydrogen use sectors in the natural gas industry as one of the hydrogen producers.

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