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LLC NPP Dneproenergostal solves the environmental problems of the population and enterprises by designing special facilities: solid waste landfills, drinking water treatment plants, storage ponds, etc. A detailed list of works carried out our company, is contained in the annex to the SRO Certificate. The legitimacy of Dneproenergostal’s activities is confirmed by the License for the design of buildings and structures dated 03.09.2007.




The main design steps that a company follows when performing work in the field of water basin protection:

– Preparation of permits and collection of necessary information.

– Selection of a scheme for equipment or a location for a structure.

– Engineering and geological surveys.

– Compilation of project specifications.

– Development of project and working documentation.

– Private or public review of project documentation.

– Calculation of all types of expenses and preparation of estimates.

Our company designs and manufactures various types of structures in accordance with the customer’s initial data. Additionally, it provides service maintenance and staff training. Contact us for advice on certain types of design – we are already waiting for your call!


Main directions and types of work

The company carries out the construction of water supply and sanitation systems for the construction of new industrial or commercial facilities, as well as their reconstruction. Employees of the enterprise form permits, carry out design, installation, maintenance and other work.



Manufacturing processes require a significant amount of water. Our experts will help solve the problem by developing projects for the construction or reconstruction of water supply systems.


Proper organization of the sewerage system is an important part of the construction of residential, industrial and other facilities. A team of professionals develops building projects depending on its types: industrial, household or intended for the disposal of storm drains.

Technological design

Water facilities

Hydraulic construction involves the construction of water bodies and artificial structures (canals, reservoirs, pumping station dams). Our task is to create cost-effective facilities that correspond to the level of progressive engineering and technology, taking into account legal requirements.

Water supply and sewerage facilities

Construction of water supply and sanitation networks provides for detailed design of block sewer structures and other facilities for industrial needs. The company’s specialists develop progressive and technological solutions that are the basis for construction and installation works.

Design of block sewer structures

NPP Dneproenergostal has been producing unique products on the environmental market for more than 50 years: FRAMIR, FRIR, electrostatic precipitators, etc. The company also performs maintenance of manufactured equipment. It includes a team visit to the territory of the customer’s enterprise to study the operation of the equipment and troubleshoot on site. In addition, the researchers will analyze and evaluate the current state of the bag filter. Using laboratory methods, a series of tests and analyzes will be performed that will indicate the causes of the identified problem. Based on the results obtained, the company’s employees will make a list of recommendations for the further operation of the filter. Laboratory studies will help determine the nature of the emission of pollutants, service life and separation; air tightness of the equipment. All analyzes are carried out using the main types of control, which are described below.

Laboratory and analytical block

  1. Thermographic control. Allows you to get a visualization of the thermal structure of the equipment and determines the level of heat loss. The results may indicate poor connections or faulty thermal insulation.
  2. Ultrasonic control. Aimed at the analysis of welded joints, detection of cracks and lack of penetration. Its implementation is safe for humans and preserves the integrity of the equipment.
  3. Video endoscopic control. Helps to obtain data on the technical condition of the equipment without dismantling. It includes visual inspection and diagnosis of hidden parts. With it, traces of corrosion can be detected.
  4. Filtration bag integrity test. Determines the amount of dust emission and specific places of damage to the technical fabrics of the equipment in case of violations.
  5. Air permeability test. It will be needed for the initial diagnostics of equipment and identifying problems with the dust content of the filter. Allows you to avoid emergency shutdowns.

Technical inspection

  1. Primary diagnostics and detection of visual violations of the equipment.
  2. Detailed analysis of bag filter structural elements.
  3. Comprehensive check of equipment operation in accordance with technical specifications.

Proposed model advantage

  1. Significantly smaller dimensions.
  2. Easy mounting
  3. The possibility of ejection of purified air into the working area.
  4. Ability to work at extremely low temperatures outdoors and high indoors.
  5. Long life at relatively low production cost.
  6. High cleanliness that can go up to 99% compared to other dust collectors.

Where applied

  1. In the chemical and oil industry.
  2. In the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy industries.
  3. In the production of building materials.

Positive environmental impact of the service

  1. The process of cleaning the air from pollutants that are obtained during the production process will be faster.
  2. Working conditions for employees of the enterprise will become safer.
  3. The amount of dust from production will decrease.

For more information and advice on atypical cases of equipment failure, please contact company managers. Contacts of specialized departments can be found in the relevant section. We will help to restore the work of bag filters!

Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant

The industry-forming enterprise LLC NPP Dneproenergostal has long been one of the market leaders and provides environmental services for Ukraine and the CIS countries. The enterprise has existed for more than 50 years and during this time has accumulated a unique experience in solving the problems of environmental protection that modern society poses.

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