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Reconstruction of gas cleaning equipment

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LLC NPP Dneproenergostal offers a solution that will help enterprises improve environmental performance – to reconstruct electrostatic precipitators into bag filters. The company has developed detailed projects for the reconstruction of gas cleaning equipment, which include the conversion of horizontal and vertical types of electrostatic precipitators into other options for bag filters with electropulse regeneration. Such a procedure will allow organizations to clean process gases and aspiration air from pollutants contained in them in accordance with international and national standards. After using this method, the concentration of dust particles will reach less than 20 mg/Nm3. The main goal of the modernization of electrostatic precipitators is to increase their performance and reliability during operation, and subsequently to achieve the desired level of residual emissions.

The reconstruction scheme can only be aimed at changing the “clean” gas chamber, the regeneration system and individual assembly units (assemblies). At the same time, the level of performance is maintained. This replacement is partial. Significant restructuring of the electrostatic precipitator housing involves the introduction of a system of shut-off valves with automatic operation, the installation of a regeneration system and standard equipment. As a result, productivity will increase by half while maintaining the required level of residual dustiness. Reconstruction that is made in this way is called capital. Using the combined option, productivity will decrease by 20-30%. With such a reconstruction, it is permissible to use all the basic actions for bag filters of the FRIR type. All options for changes occur on the basis of existing gas waste systems, metal structures and dust collection. The condition of the electrostatic precipitator body must be suitable for use and show no signs of wear. If the resistance of the apparatus grows, then it will be necessary to replace the draft equipment. Such measures are resorted to in most cases, because the primary task is to reduce the amount of dust.

By contacting us for advice, you will receive qualified assistance in selecting the reconstruction of gas cleaning equipment for your enterprise. Modernization of filters for efficient and more environmentally friendly production activities is the need of the time!

Purification of air from dust and gas-air mixtures.

Removal of large amounts of suspended particles in the atmosphere.

Minimization of dust waste as a result of the work of enterprises.

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