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Over the years of its existence, LLC NPP Dneproenergostal has improved the range of services and created the necessary equipment for environmental audit and standardization. The enterprise carries out measurements on the basis of a chemical-technological laboratory, which meets the certification criteria in accordance with certificate No. CE-09-14. The company’s activities regarding environmental audit and regulation for enterprises are aimed at developing balance norms for water disposal and water consumption, as well as creating draft standards for maximum allowable discharges (MPD) of pollutants with return water. In addition, the specialists of our company provide services for the development of drinking water consumption standards for settlements, carry out biotesting to determine the level of toxicity of wastewater and deal with issues of obtaining permits for special water use.

An environmental audit by the company’s employees is possible for organizations operating in Ukraine.

An environmental audit is a documented systematic independent process of evaluating an eco-audit object. It includes the collection of information and an objective assessment of the evidence. The implementation of these actions is regulated by the Laws of Ukraine: “On Environmental Protection” dated 06/25/1991 and “On Environmental Audit” dated 06/24/2004, as well as environmental management standards of the ISO 14001 series. industrial sector. Environmental regulation implies the development of a system of standards and regulations for the permissible impact on the environment. The main task of this process is to establish acceptable norms for the influence of the anthropogenic factor on natural objects in the course of economic or other activities. Compliance with such indicators on the part of enterprises guarantees the environmental safety of the population and the environment.

Conducting an environmental audit and regulation will help identify problems, assess the impact of the organization’s activities on the environment and draw up a detailed plan for corrective actions. In more detail, about this type of service, you will be advised by the managers of the company. You can contact them using the given contacts.

Correction of the degree of anthropogenic impact, international standard ISO 14001, EMAS.

Maintaining the balance of populations of different species of animals, plants and other fauna.

Prevention of exceeding the amount of industrial waste discharges into water bodies.

Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant

The industry-forming enterprise LLC NPP Dneproenergostal has long been one of the market leaders and provides environmental services for Ukraine and the CIS countries. The enterprise has existed for more than 50 years and during this time has accumulated a unique experience in solving the problems of environmental protection that modern society poses.

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