We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
For more than 45 years, our company has been involved with solving ecological problems. Our method of solving problems begins with research, basic and detailed engineering, and finally delivering equipment on schedule and servicing the equipment.
Our main products are equipment for air and water basin protection and for secondary energy resources use.

We are happy to have the honor of being the first in the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States to put into operation “dry” gas cleaning equipment using Bessemer converters. We were the first to install gas cleaning equipment with the use of bag house filters for the cleaning of waste gases of sintering machines. At the present time we are the leading European company in the design and building of dry gas cleaning equipment of blast furnace gas.
We are ready to consider any offers concerning cooperation and are ready to render assistance in solving ecological problems. At the request of customers, our specialists are always ready to visit their enterprises to give advice and recommendations.
We are always open for mutually beneficial cooperation!

Our advantages

Equipment manufactured by RPC "Dneproenergostal" meets the highest standards of quality and its parameters not inferior to European standards, thus having a lower cost. This ensures durability, low operating costs, which, in turn, confirmed the wide geography of deliveries to Ukrainian and foreign companies.

All of these projects, we are able to realize "turnkey", starting with the implementation of the detailed design of each gas cleaning and aspiration to delivery and installation of equipment, its certification and adjustment in accordance with the design parameters work. Also, we conduct training and maintenance facilities.

All equipment warranty - 12 months from the date of commissioning. We also continuously support our customers in their warranty and service.

The reliability of the equipment production enterprise "Dneproenergostal" provides high technological standards of design and production, as well as the technical characteristics of the materials and components, but it has a great price / quality ratio

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